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Picture Postarama Idea

March 31, 2007

After I posted the million and one pictures from Troy’s 1st birthday, Grafted Branch suggested that I host a theme encouraging people to post their favorite 1st birthday cake shot. To which, in all my first-time-mother-ish-ooglie-googlie-ness, I thought, “Yay! What a fun idea!” (Mature thoughts, I know. But you should just be glad there are ANY thoughts going through this not-all-there little brain right at the moment…)

But I’m wondering… I know you’re all busy, and I know that for those who don’t have first birthday cake pictures on digital–ahem–it might take a little extra effort to dig ‘em out, scan ‘em and then post ‘em. (But, they’re your babies… you know you want to show them off… wink, wink) Bearing that in mind, and the fact I’d give all of us at least a week before the actual postarama, I’d like to know if anyone beside GB and me would end up posting and signing my Mr. Linky. Any takers? If I get at least four or five yeses or maybes, I’ll probably go ahead and put up a Favorite First Birthday Cake Picture post with a Mr. Linky in a week or so.

And remember, I’m thinking frosting, and crumbs, and chocolate in the hair, and hands covered in multi colored icing. Basically, you know, the messier the better. :grin: And–making this very clear–if you don’t have children of your own, it would be great if you’d consider posting a picture of a niece, nephew, cousin, sibling, friend, etc., with their/their parents’ permission, of course.

So… Good idea? Bad? Fun? Boring? Whatcha think?

The Birthday Boy, Part Three

March 28, 2007
Part Three: The CAKE!

Waiting expectantly…

Diggin‘ in!

Saying, “Mmmmm!”
But, he preferred playing with the cake rather than eating it, and soon, it was dumped on the floor. See that hand in the air, saying, “Woohoo! Look what I did, guys!” :grin:
Trying to show us his “One” finger, which we’ve been working on for the last two weeks. Now that’s he’s figured it out, he does everything with just his pointer finger.

And then came the sugar high….

The Birthday Boy, Part Two

Part Two: Those Brightly Wrapped Bags n’ Stuff

“It’s TIME?!”

“Read the card? Why? I just want to play with this nifty furry bag, Mommy.”

Opening his “Help Me Dress” Elmo from Grandpa Dule, Grammie and Oncle. Troy loves Elmo. :)

Ripping paper is such fun!
Dancing along with his alphabet drum.
When Troy opened this green sippy cup from his Grandpa and Grandma B., he was so incredibly into it that he didn’t want to open any more presents. :smile: He loved, loved, loved that cup. He started sucking on it before there was any water inside, and wouldn’t let go. So we read a few nursery rhymes from his Mother Goose book his B. grandparents gave him.

Happily playing with his new Doodlebops and Elmo DVD’s his Grandpa and Grammie gave him. Then trying to figure out the Little People garage from Mommy and Daddy.

The Birthday Boy, Part One

Okay, you asked for a LOT of pictures, so you’re getting a LOT of pictures! :grin:

(And if you don’t want to see all these, feel free to skip ‘em. I have lots of family who asked for pictures, so some of these are for them, and hey, this is my first baby’s first birthday, so a million and one pictures are to be expected, right?)

Part One: The Day

Troy’s 1st Birthday
March 27, 2007

The Birthday Boy eating his pancakes for breakfast–the ones Daddy fixed because Mama ended up being too sick to do it. :smile:
Daddy brought Troy some balloons! What fun!

Waiting patiently to play with all those brightly wrapped bags ‘n stuff.

Daddy making dinner, Mama trying to put the icing on the cake, but not liking her results, so Grammie offers to take over. Whew! :grin:

Eating Troy’s favorite dinner-spaghetti! And as he says with every bite, “Mmmm!”

And since we could use a lighter note around here…

March 26, 2007

Thanks bunches for all your congrats and good wishes about our newest little blessing on the way. I think several of you were about as shocked as we were. :wink: I have an appointment for the 3rd of April, and then they’ll schedule an ultrasound to determine my due date. I’m guessing the first week in November… but could be wrong!

And thank you, as well, for all your prayers for us for the last, oh, couple months. They mean the world. This last trip was a safe one, I haven’t been nearly as sick this pregnancy as I was thus far with Troy–which was a HUGE blessing while we were gone, and we were able to spend some wonderful quality time with my family. Thanks for “being there.” Friends and family are priceless.

And in other news… we have a new little niece who will be a week old tomorrow. Her name is Lindsey Danielle and she looks about as “our family-ish” as could ever be. I think the newborn pictures of the four cousins we have so far could be easily interchanged and most people would hardly tell the difference. John’s cousin’s wife (got that?) posted some pictures of the wee little lassie. (And while you’re there, you might enjoy taking a look around. Visiting Katie’s blog is so relaxing, so filled with beauty, so precious… I could just sit and peruse it when I’m in need of a little peace and tranquility. So stop by. :smile: )

And our other exciting news around here is that SOME little person is having a birthday tomorrow, and his mama is just not quite sure what to think of her little man turning one. I’ll let you know once it happens. Complete with pictures of the chocolate cake covered face. :grin: