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The Blog is Moving!

July 21, 2007

I’m sure many of you have noticed that as of earlier this week, my blog was completely disabled, not even allowing you to get to the main page. And now that you’re here, it’s obvious that things have changed a little. :smile:

Due to some very unfortunate “targeting” of my blog–and especially one particular entry–by a group of people I wish had never stumbled across my little corner of the blogosphere, I had to close everything down to stop them from further crawling through the pages here. I’m not able to go into much detail as to the “why’s” behind it, but be assured this was necessary. :sigh:

So now I’m starting over. A fresh start. I’m working on getting a new home for my bloggie ramblings set up and hope to have that up and running within the next week or so… or as quickly as I can, given that we’re going to be knee-deep in getting moved in to our new house next week. :smile:

Thank you all for being understanding, and I apologize for having to just disappear without any explanation like that. I’ll do my best to let you know the where this little bloggie has moved to, but I’m afraid I may not be able to personally give the information to all of my blog readers individually without missing some. (And I obviously can’t post the new link here!) If you’d like to know where my new blog home will be located, please toss me a quick email using the link above (which is heartandhome29 [at] hotmail [dot] com) simply stating “New Blog URL” in the subject line and I’ll send you the new link. If possible, I’d love if you could include a link to your own blog in the email so I can see that you are a REAL person :smile: , but if you’d rather not or don’t have a blog, that’s fine too.

I know the Lord knows the hearts of these individuals who meant harm and I can only hope that perhaps at least one found something on this site that pointed them to Jesus. And the best thing is knowing that no matter what is done to me, we already know Who has the victory!

Off to a new place,


And hopefully for the last time for a long time…

July 11, 2007

…or at least during the next six months…

…our computer is the next thing to be packed up, only to be seen again in the new house in a few weeks. We’ll still have internet for a few more days (and a laptop to access it with :grin: ), but we’ll see how much I’m around between the movers being here and then cleaning like a crazy person for the inspection.

So if I’m here… I’m here. (really? profound, I know!) If not, see you in a couple weeks.


Sitting Down

July 9, 2007

It seems that SFHFS (otherwise known as Swollen Feet, Hands, and Face Syndrome) has set in at about the same place in this pregnancy that it did the first time around. While the biggest problem with this is simply the blow the swollen face aspect is to my vanity, I must confess that the anytime I look at or think about the swollen feet, I do get a bad case of the heebie-jeebies. Ridiculous, yes, but true.

A couple days ago we were at my parents’ house and I was displaying to my mom the red marks left on my swollen feet by my sandals and we were discussing the ickiness of swollen preggie feet.

“Are you drinking lots and lots of water?” she asked.

“Ohhh, yes. If you could see the number of times I run to the bathroom when I’m at home, you’d know I was drinking plenty of water.”

“Well, you know, the best thing to do is to try to stay off your feet as much as possible and just sit with your feet up.”

I turned my head. I looked at her. And I laughed.

So did she. “I know. That’s funny.”

So today my feet are quite puffy (can’t say swollen again, it gives me the heebie-jeebies and sends a shiver down my spine) from spending about three minutes off my feet so far this morning, and I expect by tonight (once this house is ready and divided up for the movers to come in the morning, everything for the next couple weeks is packed and ready to go, the house is vacuumed and the ironing done) they’ll be twice this size… but, hey, I’m sitting right now, with my feet propped up on the computer tower-thingy… does that count?


July 5, 2007

This evening a friend from down the street came by to help John move to the garage some furniture we’re hoping to sell/get rid of this weekend.

Troy thought it great fun to help Mama pull the clothes out of his old dresser in preparation for moving it outside tonight, and enjoyed the messiness of his little room as our house starts to look rather out of order due to sorting through what we’re taking ourselves and what the movers are packing. But when Daddy and his friend moved out Troy’s toy chest (which is much too big and bulky to fit in his bedroom once his big boy bed is in there along with the crib for Baby Brother), he followed them to the top of the stairs… and lifted up his voice and wailed. Then they came back up and moved the changing table so they could more easily take the dresser out of the room, which resulted in more tears, just because it was out of place. And when the dresser itself was taken out of the room… that was the last straw. The Little Man stood at the top of the stairs, with tears streaming down his face, finally resorting to sitting down on the top step, putting his hands on his little head, then his head on his knees, and whimpered quietly to himself.

I scooped him up, took him back into his room and we read a book full of pictures of kitty-cats, Troy’s current fascination. Within a minute or two of snuggles, he was “meowing” at the pictures and patting the faces of the kittens, and seemed to have forgotten that his room was a mess and half of “his” furniture was gone. I wish I could have been so easily distracted.

My heart wanted to echo his cry. For the first time in a while today, as we cleared out the guest room–where my brother has spent many, many a night (to the point of us calling it “Zach’s room” nearly 100% of the time), where April and I sat and talked late at night when she was here in March, where my mom spent a few nights after her surgery, and where Troy loves to play hide-and-seek in the closet–I felt a lump rising in my throat. I’ve been so excited about this move–the adventure of it all for us as a little family–and haven’t really felt much more than a surface sadness about leaving this house and making another move. We’ve already moved a couple times in the three years we’ve been married, and though moving is always filled with a bit o’ craziness and some stress, they haven’t been very emotional moves. I’ve known this move is going to be different, but God has been good, and has made it easier by helping us all to be so excited about where we’re moving to that it’s overshadowed some of the sadness about moving itself. My family and most friends are excited for us, which has helped tremendously, as well as the fact that we aren’t actually going that far away, by any means. An easy driving distance and on one of the nicer routes in Southern California.

But there is still the fact that I’m moving on to a new life, for the first time. I’ve never gone away to college, never lived in another area since I was four years old. I’m a girl from a small town, where I know, at least by name and face, most of the other people who have been here at least this long, and most of them know me as well. I love my church and my church family. I love our little newspaper and seeing all the familiar faces on it’s pages–and that Troy just made his first appearance in it a few weeks ago. I love seeing the carnival come every year (even though we’ve only been once or twice in my life). I love that I can count on the guy with the guitar singing old praise songs and folk songs outside of Walmart. I love that we have four grocery stores in one little town–and that two of them are the same exact store, not more than a mile or maybe two apart, and that we call them “the old Stater Brothers” and “the new Stater Brothers” though the “new” one has been there for over ten years. I love that out-of-towners have to ask what we mean, because we don’t think about it, when we say someone lives “on the Mesa” or that we’re going “down below.” I love that I still see my beloved first grade teacher (and last teacher other than my mama) around town. I love that when my mom is taking extra long at the grocery store or at Walmart, we all know that it’s because she ran into someone she hasn’t seen in a while, and look forward to hearing how whoever it was is doing. I love that I’ve been getting my hair cut by the same person since I was five, and that she and her daughter who usually does my hair now have known me through every different “stage” I’ve been through. I love that the entire town (or what seems like it) turns up when there’s a fire anywhere nearby, and that streets become blocked with cars and people trying to see something. It makes me smile and shake my head when I think of how many old grudges run deep in this town, and at how many people duck when they see someone they haven’t talked to in ten years, because of something that happened at least that long ago, but that more than half the people in town have a strong opinion on. I smile when I think of the frustration of only having a Walmart and a tiny JCPenney for shopping, and having to drive down below for anything else, or of having little more than Denny’s and Carrows when it comes to restaurants, and the extreme excitement that ensued when Applebee’s opened. It warms my heart that when there’s been a tragedy and someone we’ve known to any degree dies, it shakes the whole community and we all rally around the family.

I could go on to mention the personal things I love most, but as my mom and I agreed yesterday, we’re just not gonna do that. :smile: The world isn’t coming to an end, and life does continue to go on, and I’m not going off to another country or even across this one. But I am going to miss the familiarity and the “always the same and always different” that has come from living in the same place since I was old enough to care. Like Troy today, I don’t usually do too well with change, small or large… I haven’t allowed myself to think about it much this time, and have focused on the good and positive points of the move and the new season in this little family’s life. But, as is also very familiar to me, my body speaks for me, and what I’m feeling, whether acknowledged or not, shows in some physical ways that I’ve dealt with since I was a little girl. Perhaps by writing out a little and letting a couple tears well up in my eyes, I can avoid some of those issues this week. Tomorrow the guys at John’s work are having a going away get-together for him and another of his “work friends” who is leaving, then he’ll go over to his last deacon’s meeting at church after that. Tuesday morning the movers come, and then the ball really starts rolling. with cleaning, inspection, checking out and even one . Seventeen days… and then we’ll turn the page on a new season, one that is completely unknown and in which we can’t see more than six months ahead at this point, but one that does make us grin to think of really starting all over for the first time as a couple and waiting to see what will come next. Perhaps the craziness of the next two weeks will work as Troy’s little kitty-cat book, distracting me from all that’s changing around me, so that when it’s over and the little book closes, I’m ready to move on to the next adventure and make a “new familiar.”

One thing I do know, is that when we went out tonight at 6:00 om, planning to put out signs advertising our furniture for sale, and the temperature was still 115 degrees… I quickly remembered the heat here is one thing I’m more than willing to turn the page on.

Happy Independence Day!

July 4, 2007

This says everything I’d like to say, a whole lot better than I could say it!

Ernie Hasse and Signature Sound
I Pledge My Allegiance/The Star Spangled Banner