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And so, we’re home

December 14, 2007

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Walking in a Winter Wonderland

December 8, 2007

Earlier tonight John’s mom made a quick trip over to the church to copy the bulletins. Once she came home, read Troy his nighty-night book and we’d put him to bed, she remarked that it was quite pleasant outside… a good night for a walk.

In light of the huge snowstorm we’re in the middle of for the next few days, I was surprised and thought that maybe it had warmed up a bit since the afternoon… you know, “pleasant” weather and all that.

Funny how “warm” and “cold” become relative so quickly, dontcha think?

But, because we are a couple of crazy kids who are completely in love with the snow and cold weather–and, you know, each other–we donned our coats and snow boots and headed out for a walk at 9:30 at night.

Here we are! In the cold! Just us! No children! With cappuccino from the good ol’ local Kum and Go! Like a mini, half hour date night! And I look like I have a pair of defective eyes! Which I don’t! But, hey, we’re walking in the 19 degree-snowy-weather at 10pm!

It really was beautiful, even in the dark. We’ve had over two feet of snow since yesterday and everything around us looks like a pretty Christmas story book.
And for a few moments, while we walked through the powdery fresh snow hand in hand, sipping our warm cappuccino, talking of whatever came to mind, doing our best to forget the event coming up in a few weeks, we truly felt we must be in that story book…

I’m way too busy looking out the window enjoying the snow to post anything readable right now.

December 5, 2007

If I were to write a post at this moment, it would probably sound a bit like this:

“SNOW! Do you see the snow? It’s beautiful. Just magnificent. Look! There’s some more snow! The forecast says we’ll get more snow this week. Did you know there’s snow here in Colorado? Let me tell you about the snow…”

I’ll spare you.

Instead, here are some links I’ve loved this past week for your browsing pleasure.

The sweetest article about the feelings and experienes of a tiny bebe…. It made me cry. (So does everything else these days, but that’s beside the point.)

Christian Liberty and the Law of Wisdom,” a post written by a good friend of mine that touches on some of the topics closest to my heart—our identity in Christ, extremism, legalistic tendencies in Christians, following the Lord and not people, fear of man, all that good stuff. I love this one.

“Perfection” by Jodi at The Deputy Domain. And don’t miss the post she links to in that one, Maxine’s “Becoming Real.” I cried at that one, too.

My good friend Tammy sent me the link to this story of a young military wife with two little ones and a deployed husband. Her simple trust and reliance on the Lord is inspiring. I think it goes without saying that, yeah, I cried in this one, too.

Now, it’s back to the snow for me. Because there’s lots of it. And I wuvs it.

Somewhere in the middle of the coldness

December 3, 2007

Last night when we pulled into the parking lot of a hotel in Utah, it was 19 degrees and there was snow on the ground.

Stark contrast from the 70-something it was when we left our Southern California beach-y home the day before.

When we arrive in Colorado tomorrow, it’s supposed to be colder and have even more snow. Lots of it.

And I have to say…

I AM THRILLED!!!!! I’m excited!!!! I’m THRILLED!!!!

So, anyway. We are on our way to John’s Rocky Mountain home–”home,” as in, where he grew up, his parents live and such, of course–in Colorado for about a week. We love it there.

(That was an understatement, just so ya know. We love, love, LOVE it there.)

It’s going to be wonderfully cold and snowy. And we’ll get to take walks in the beautifully lit and decorated tiny downtown, introduce Troy to the snow, keep Merritt nice and bundled up, and see all of John’s dear friends and family.

And did I mention that it’s going to be snowy?

It is.

Before we get there, though, we have another day of driving ahead of us. With two bitty boys. Yesterday went great. That was because we left in the afternoon and only drove 6-ish hours… the last few of which, both boys were asleep. Today will be fun times, that’s for sure.

Actually, the fun has already begun. I just realized I didn’t pack Troy an outfit for today in our overnight bag. Staying in his red fire truck jammies all day isn’t really an option. I’m defending myself with the fact that it was almost 3am when I was packing said overnight bag.

See ya in the snow, peeps.

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