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"Bouncy, Trouncy, Flouncy, Pouncy, Fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! FUN!"

February 23, 2008

“But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is….”

Well? What is it? Do you remember?

Sorry, getting ahead of myself here.

First of all, note to self: Do not attempt to write a post at nearly midnight. Especially not while Blogger’s spell check option is still down and you are too lazy to paste it into Word to use spell check. Otherwise, you will re-read said post the next day and find a zillion typos and cringe.

To all of you who read that post before I could get my editing hands on it, I sincerely apologize.

Alrighty now, peeps.

I promised pictures. And because I followed the leading of the Lord and unloaded my camera card the day before The Camera Incident, I actually have pictures with which to fulfill that promise.
Which is a Very Good Thing, because otherwise I would have lost this picture:

And I would have had to banish myself from stepping foot in the Happiest Place on Earth ever again as penance.

Because, DO YOU SEE THAT??? Troy got to meet Tigga-Tigga… er, uh, Tigger. This was at the beginning of D’land Day Two, and was certainly the highlight of both days put together. He was beside himself. He’d been talking all week about wanting to see “Mick Mouse,” but his 23-month-old mind never dreamed he’d see Tigga-Tigga.
He was ready to bounce right out of that stroller seat.

Troy loves Tigger, mostly because he figured out the first time he watched The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh that Tigger lives for bouncing. Not unlike the little boy who lives in this house. So he frequently hops and jumps around the house, singing to himself, “Bounce! Bounce! Tigga-Tigga!”

When he saw his big orange-and-brown-striped buddy, he didn’t even hesitate to go right up, adorned in the Tigger ears he’d already been wearing, and say, “HI! Tigga-Tigga!” and give him hugs, kisses and the whole nine yards.

It was slightly different than the pictures we have of me at his age with Cinderella, my then-favorite Disney character–so awe-struck that I clung to my parents in stunned silence.

Even Merritt showed more enthusiasm for the trip than Disney-crazed-me seemed to, judging from those Cinderella pictures.

Although it could just have something to do with the fact that he was all comfy in the stroller and was being held much of the time.

We love to stop and listen to the ragtime piano player on Main Street. When John and I were engaged and my family was at the Land of the Mouse, we talked to the piano player for a bit and he even asked me to play on that old piano. I’d love to say that I’d hopped right up and played “The Entertainer” with ease, but my nerves got the best of me and I sat there and drew an utter, complete blank. Also, the only version of “The Entertainer” I’d ever played was probably all of four lines long, consisted of about two “hand positions” and said “Alfred’s Level 2″ on the cover. But I did go home and learn Elite Syncopations after that day at D’land to play in my next recital.

This is Mom and I at the beginning of Day One, pre-ears.

This is Mom and Troy, partway through Day One, post-ears.

Then Troy and me, post-ears.

Dad and Zach are too cool for ears. But not us, nosirree. We are too cool to NOT wear ears. Mmhmm.
And if you want some hilarious back story to the ears and Disney hats, read it here. Goodness gracious, we are a crazy bunch.
At the beginning of Day Two, we stopped inside the entrance and took the Token Shot In Front of the Mickey Mouse Face… the boys, Zach and I.
Then we did the same shot with Mom and Dad and the boys–Grammie and Grandpa Dule with the grandbabies.
Ha. It looks like that’s them with their own little family. That’s what they get for letting their daughter get married at eighteen. How dare they??? AHEM.
We think Troy is going to love him some thrill-rides when he’s older. Look close–see his hands in the air?
Although, to be quite honest, this is not something he only does when riding on the “Dudmo” ride with Grammie. He also raises his hands in his carseat and shouts, “Slow down!! Woohoo!!” any time we round a curve in the car or drive over 40mph. It has nothing, NOTHING, to do with my driving. Don’t go thinking bad things about me, now.
Merritt, on the other hand, is quite content to simply sit in Grandpa’s arms.
Well, most of the time, I guess. Somehow, Grandpa Dule always gets Merritt right before it’s time for him to eat.
Time for the baby to eat, that is, not the Grandpa. Well, maybe the Grandpa too, but he’s a little more self-sufficient when it comes to feeding himself.
After all his talk about wanting to see Mick Mouse and the great reception Tigger received earlier in the day, Troy and I waited in a ridiculously long line to see The Mouse Himself in his home in Toon Town. And as it would happen, Troy then decided he wasn’t too sure about seeing the Mouse. Talking to him was fine, but sitting with him to take a picture wasn’t so appealing.
Sorry Mickey, I guess Tigger won this time around.
But he did give Mickey a hi-five before we left the Mouse’s humble abode.

Frankly, playing in this little stationary car proved to be more fun. And there wasn’t a forty-five minute line to play in the car.
Some friends of Zach’s–two sisters, Jessie and Lindsey, who he knows from Camp Ironwood and who also like bluegrass music–met us there for the day to celebrate Jessie’s birthday.
They all got hats, too, in case you missed that fact.

While they stood in line for Indiana Jones and the two moms talked and held Merritt, Dad and I took Troy on a few more little-person-type rides. We went on Dumbo again and the Teacups twice. The Three Musketeers we were.
At the end of it all, we had two tired out little boys. Not to mention the mom, grandparents and uncle.
But it was oh-so-worth-it. Because after all, this is the Happiest Place on Earth.

In which she learns the value of buying the warranty

It’s been an interesting day here in the home of this little family.

Not exactly 18-month-old-locking-his-pregnant-mother-out-of-the-house type of interesting–but still along those lines.

Setting the scene…

(cue dreamy theme music)

I was sitting on the couch playing with Merritt after a relaxing morning. We were taking it easy today and just hanging out, taking advantage of not having to go anywhere at all today. Troy had taken a good nap in the early afternoon and was now coloring quietly on the floor beside me, using his little drawing tray.

Ah… the sun shone and the birds sang!

(Not really. At that moment, in real life–not dreamy life–it was pouring rain outside.)

Then, Troy got up. Supposedly to go get a toy.

Oh, how I wish!

Instead, he walked back over to me, where I was cooing and goo-goo-gah-gah-ing over the baby, and said, “Wah-er? Wah-er?”

Which I knew to mean, “Water,” and thought to be a request for a drink, and thus didn’t think it necessary to immediately look up. Until, that is, I felt a trickle of that particular substance on my arm.

I jerked my head up, half a smile still lingering on my face, and saw Troy holding the camera. The digital camera. The very, very new digital camera. The one we just bought to replace the dinosaur digi camera so I could take half a zillion pictures to send to John while he’s gone.

After I regained conciousness and the inital feeling of nausea passed, I snatched that dripping piece of expensive machinery from his hands and yanked it out of its case, hoping against hope that its visit to the only water source at Troy’s level in that part of the house–the dog’s water dish–had been merely a dip rather than a soak.

The tiny steady stream of water coming from inside the camera itself told me it had probably been a nice, long bath.

It would seem all nice and sweet to tell you that I held it together calmly and simply took it all in stride. But you wouldn’t like me too much if I lied to you, now, would you? And you’d already know that’s what I was doing if I told you such a thing.

Troy got a nice stern and slightly panicked reminder of how many times he’d been told not to play in the water dish, and was asked–since he’d of course be able to answer–WHY he’d pulled the camera off the entryway table and put it in there. His tears upon hearing my decibel level were enough to remind me that using such a tone would accomplish nothing. I knelt down, right, looked into his eyes, and told him, through slightly clenched teeth (but no, AHEM, green chin, Certain Nameless Peeps?) that he can never, ever, ever put an.y.thing. in the water dish. And he may never, ever play with Mommy’s camera. And that he needs to obey Mommy. And that Mommy was now thinking she was really going to be sick as she realized that she was going to have to tell Daddy about this lovely tidbit.

The camera was really and truly dead. If the case could be so swollen and water-logged that it felt like a sponge, the camera couldn’t be doing so great. I leaned on the kitchen counter and breathed in as deeply as I could, thinking not only of the camera, but of my laptop that I had taken back to Best Buy yesterday and ended up having to pay extra on top of the warranty to save my hard drive.

But then. Then. THEN! The good things started popping into my head all at once.

I had put all my pictures on the computer on Wednesday. Yay! The only ones I could lose were the ones from the past two days. And I thought I remembered John buying a warranty for the camera.

I put Merritt in his bouncy seat and Troy in roomtime and found the warranty paperwork, thanks to John’s organizing before he left. Called my mom and my mother-in-love and got some sanity talked back into me–It’ll be OKAY. Life will keep going. Thankfully it IS just a camera. And, hey, it looked like we did have a warranty.

Then… I just loaded up those boys and went to the gym. I worked my legs till they were like jello. And the world was suddenly a brighter place.

It turns out that I’ll find out in about ten days whether or not the camera can be fixed, and if not, they’ll set us up with a new one. And God was gracious to me and gave me a seasoned mom in line behind me in Best Buy, who kindly offered to keep Troy from running off while Merritt cried in his car seat and I tried to sign paperwork and listen to the customer service guy.

Oh, AND and I saw Tony Hawk in Best Buy. I was, like, totally freaking out, man. I mean, it was really sweet, dude.

(My brother will crack up and roll his eyes if he ever reads those pathetic sentences.)

I really know nothing about Tony Hawk, other than that he’s a skateboarder (right? Or is it something else? Not bike riding, is it? Or does he do several things?) and has a game for the Wii that my mom gets pretty wild and crazy about when she plays.

(Bet you never would have thought THAT, eh, bloggie peeps? But, oh, how true it is. Just ask her.)

Then I came home, ate dinner, put the kids to bed early, got to talk to John for a little bit, and then cleaned my little heart out. Because nothing makes a dose of crazy all better than the therapy of cleaning bathroom tile with a toothbrush.

And now things are sparkly. The house, as well as life. Even without a laptop or a camera.

It’s really too bad because I had so much to say

February 18, 2008

I figured it was the Lord speaking semi-audibly this morning when my lap top told me that it was no longer connected to the internet.


But I guess I didn’t hear clearly, because a bit later I went back to it and attempted to check my email, at which point I realized that my laptop had completely shut down… and wouldn’t turn back on.


I guess I wasn’t supposed to be on the computer today. Which, ya know, is really okay, considering that I had about a zillion and one things to do today and several places to go and I also happened to make a self-imposed vow (which I am currently breaking, by the way) to my mama last night that I wasn’t going to do anything blog-related this week because I had WAY too much to do.

And this blogging thing, it tends to suck a person in, in case you hadn’t noticed.

I was already kinda-sorta thinking I might break my vow when I remembered that I had yet to post any of the five million adorable Disneyland pictures from last week, and oh my goodness gracious, we are going AGAIN tomorrow, which means I’d better post the first batch before the second batch comes rolling in. (Dontcha just love a good mixed metaphor? Me too.)

But, alas, all of those pictures, as well as all the oodles of pictures I’ve been taking of life here for John to see, are on the Computer That Won’t Turn On. So I couldn’t even post pictures if I wanted to.

I mean, I COULD post pictures, but they would be rather old, being that I haven’t used this old dinosaur of a regular ol’ desktop computer since the night I got my purty laptop. And I don’t think y’all care to see random pictures from, say, last summer.

But, hey, my mama has pictures! And we are in them! Her computer works, that lucky duck.

(In all seriousness, I really and truly hope my computer decides to up and fix itself, being that it would seem utterly pathetic to take it to a computer technician to be fixed when, you know, that is my husband’s job and all. But, he’s not home at the moment. In case you missed that news bulletin.)

So instead, I’ve broken my vow with a post about nothing, filled with nada but talk of zillions, millions and oodles, and lots and lots of links.

But, we are going to see the Mouse again tomorrow, thanks to our super-special tickets courtesy of my firefighter hero of a daddy, and after that my brother is coming to stay for a few days, and I got a whole ton crossed off my to-do list today due to being virtually computer-less, so things are looking brighter already.

I think he wuvs me

February 14, 2008

Yes, we went to The Happiest Place on Earth on Tuesday, and yes, peeps, we had a wonderful time.

So wonderful, in fact, that we are planning to take advantage of the other two days our tickets bought us and go back in the next couple weeks. So the Mouse-related pictures, they will be forthcoming.

But first I must show you this:

Isn’t he just the sweetest?
Even though John’s in the Sandy Spot, even though we tend to not make a big deal out of Valentine’s Day, and even though I’m not even at home today, he called the florist in my home town and had flowers and soft Valentine bear sent to me at my parents’ house today.
And, yes–do you even need to ask??–of COURSE I bawled my li’l eyeballs out.

And thanks to all of you who sent me Happy Valentine’s Day emails since my Valentine is gone… and regular sweet emails… and snail-mail notes… and Facebook notes… and videos to watch of special trips and wedding days (you know who you are)… and so many of you are people I don’t even know in “real life”.

I certainly feel loved this Valentine’s Day.

My child is a walking Disney advertisment

February 12, 2008

This was Troy in the morning a few days ago:

I think it’s safe to say he loves Nemo.

Then, this was him that afternoon:

So I think it’s appropriate that he woke up this morning yelling, “See Mick Mouse! See Mick Mouse!”

Because that, my peeps, is exactly what we are going to do.

Off to make my two little guys’ first visit to the Land of the Mouse…