Home renovation: complete guide from planning to decorating

Are you thinking about renovating ? Know that this is a task that requires a lot of planning, time and patience. That ‘s because home renovation is not like a project where you start from scratch. The structure is already done, and what you want is for this structure to be modified a little to transform it into a house with the personality of its owner.

So, to help with this challenge, we have separated some important steps that must be done so that you can save money, but without losing quality and in order to avoid unforeseen events. Follow up!

Make a good plan

The first thing to do when thinking about starting a project, such as a renovation, is to create a plan . This will save you money and time, as well as prevent you from getting too stressed about some unforeseen circumstances.

Take a piece of paper or create a file on your computer and start writing down everything you would like to renovate , how much money you have available, how long you intend to finish the renovation, in short, describe everything. Also, in relation to the budget , always count on extra money, because during the renovation you may need to buy more material .

It’s interesting to write down everything that will be modified on paper — for example, if it’s just the paint and a few other details, or if you need to restructure the plumbing, wiring, and walls. If necessary, talk to the masons or foreman to verify all the materials that must be purchased.

With this information, create a spreadsheet and put in it the amounts you intend to spend on labor and on the purchase of products. During the renovation, keep track of whether this budget is being respected. Thus, the financial control is at the tip of the pencil and the budget is avoided from being extrapolated.

Make a schedule for the renovation

As we already mentioned, keep in mind how long the renovation needs to be completed. To do this, create a schedule and set dates to complete each stage of the work, but be aware that possible unforeseen events may happen and that the schedule may delay a little. After all, damage that was hidden may arise and will take more days or weeks to complete the renovation .

Dedicate the first part of the schedule to more structural repairs, such as replacing the wiring, modifying the plumbing, building or demolishing walls, and laying floors and plaster. From there, the stages of decoration, painting, arrangement of furniture and finishes can be started. That’s because structural repair generates more dirt and ends up damaging the finish.

Pay attention to bureaucratic issues
Before starting the renovation, it is necessary to have authorization from the city hall. However, there are reforms that do not need to go through this bureaucracy. The cases they need are those that affect the structure of the house , such as the inclusion or exclusion of a bedroom, mezzanine, bathroom , edicule, walls, among others.

Therefore, if the changes are only on account of painting, replacing doors and windows and replacing the floor, there is no need for authorization from the city hall.

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