How to care for the lawn in the cold?

how to care for the lawn in the cold?

Gardening aims at special care in the maintenance of plants, beds and gardens. This activity must be carried out in all seasons of the year; however, as the cold usually damages it, it is essential to learn how to care for the lawn during these periods.

The climate in winter is usually cold and dry, so it is necessary to pay extra attention to green areas, because they need treatments to continue looking healthy.

Want to learn how to take care of the lawn in the cold and maintain great gardening? Check out some tips!

Understand what happens to grass in winter

Before we go straight into the tips, it is necessary to understand what happens to the lawn in autumn and winter. During these periods, the grass enters a process known as transition or dormancy. This is so that it survives low temperatures.

Thus, we can say that it grows at a slow pace and saves its energy to withstand the coldest days. Now that you’ve learned how it works, how about checking out some tips on how to take care of your lawn in the cold? Look!

Remove weeds from the lawn

Typically, weeds are born, greatly hindering grass growth.

Therefore, it is essential to clean the lawn and remove all weeds to increase air circulation between the roots.

Preferably, do this work by hand — it’s much easier to pull out the roots and prevent them from growing again.

It is necessary to remove both the weeds and the leaves that fall from the trees. Remove it with a rake; only then does the sunlight reach the ground and nourish the grass.

Eliminate gardening flaws

It is natural for colder weather to cause turf failure. This happens due to pests and even trampling.


  • cut the grass and make it short;
  • draw a rectangle in the area with the problem with the help of a shovel;
  • remove grass from within this area;
  • if it is a pest problem, treat with insecticide or bactericide;
  • after a week, stir the soil with an organic fertilizer;
  • level the environment;
  • plant the grass again;
  • water the space daily.

aerate the grass

Aerating is the same thing as promoting ventilation in a room. Therefore, after mowing the lawn, collect any excess clippings with a scraper.

You can also make small holes in the ground with a fork, but care must be taken not to damage the leaves.

This will help with aeration because it facilitates the passage of air, improving soil quality and increasing production.

Cover grass in harsher regions

In regions where the winter is very severe, it is recommended to cover the lawn to protect it from frost, preventing it from burning.

This technique should only be used in very cold regions, because it can smother the grass and prevent it from growing and developing at other times.

Therefore, if you are going to cover the grass, remember not to add any fertilizer, because at this time of year it is resting and should not be stimulated to grow. However, if you prefer, you can opt for organic fertilizers.

In the coldest times of the year, it is essential to pay extra attention to gardening. Thus, knowing how to take care of the lawn in the cold is essential to maintain your green area with quality and allow its development.

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