How to choose the right windows

How to choose the right windows

There is so much to think about and plan for when building or renovating, and the choices you need to make for our new nest seem endless. We want to bring some light into this building jungle and your four walls. In addition to floors or the suitable color scheme, one element characterizes our home specially, without us being too aware of it: the replacement windows. With them, the sun moves in with you, but they also offer you numerous possibilities to set exciting accents and make your home domicile of an exceptional kind. We have collected five tips for you.

1. The stuff dreams are made of

One of the first decisions when choosing windows is the frame material. Wood, aluminum, and plastic are the three common materials on the market, and they come in all possible variants. Wood is not only one of the oldest and, therefore, most tried-and-tested materials, but it is also exceptionally environmentally friendly, exudes an extraordinary charm,, and sets cozy accents. Aluminum is exceptionally durable, and plastic is easy to care for. In practice, a combination of aluminum with wood or plastic has proven itself, as it optimally combines the advantages of the individual materials. When choosing the frame material, you should not only let your wallet decide – plastic windows are about the cheapest in price – but also your aesthetic perception. Whatever you decide, the most critical thing when purchasing a window is advice from experts.

2. (Don’t) fall out of line

Speaking of aesthetics: when selecting the window frame, you probably have the broadest range of design options – in addition to the shape itself. Light or dark, flush or with a classic wood look – the frame you give your windows has a significant impact on the appearance of a room. If you want to show off your furnishings more or set special accents with different wall colors, it is advisable to choose white window frames. They always stay in the background and are present at almost every furnishing party. Set exciting accents with dark frames if you want to use the windows themselves as a room design element. Dark anthracite and a flush design that seamlessly merges the window frame with the wall is trendy at the moment.

3. Let there be light

Light cannot be valued highly enough as a design element in interior design. Not only does it ensure a friendly atmosphere, but it also lifts the spirits in the truest sense of the word because exposure to the sun is essential for our vitamin D balance, which in turn has a significant impact on our well-being. Light-flooded rooms can make a huge difference, especially during the long winter months. So if you don’t just want to enjoy the view but also want an extraordinary room atmosphere and have a lot of space available, you should consider fixed-glazed or lift-and-slide elements. Especially if you call a terrace your own, the optical effect is unique and presents your garden in a particularly exclusive light. In addition, large

4. Don’t give thieves a chance

When it comes to windows, security is always a big issue. Homes, in particular, are often the target of burglaries, and it can therefore be worth considering the security aspect when buying windows. Windows are always offered in different security levels, the “resistance class” or resistance class – or “RC” for short. It indicates the number of minutes a burglar needs to “crack” a window. The higher the RC, the more resistant the window. In addition to the choice of safety glass, an exceptionally high resistance class is achieved through particularly burglar-proof fittings or lockable handles. If you want to be on the safe side: Modern windows can be designed with a built-in opening monitor. This means that the window registers using built-in contacts,

5. When it gets hot outside…

…it stays pleasantly cool inside. Especially when you decide on large-area windows, you should also consider thermal insulation. Modern windows have multi-chamber profiles, and triple glazing is already standard. Both ensure not only optimal heat and cold insulation but also offer excellent noise protection. So if you ever want to lock the world out, you can do so with a clear conscience. Speaking of a good conscience: If sustainability is essential to you, you should opt for windows from regional production and look at a specialist dealer in your area.


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