Step by step of a renovation: what are the steps?

Step by step of a renovation: what are the steps?

Renovating can be a headache. Many things need to be thought about for everything to work out. That’s why it’s common for people to give up before they even start.

However, there are ways to make all this simpler. Thus, the division into steps of this process is always the best alternative. In this way, it is possible to do everything more targeted and effective.

To help you understand better about this subject, we prepared this post. Here, you will get all the details to make a good renovation. In the end, see how a plan can make things more transparent.

1- Power connection to do the renovation

The first thing to do is get in touch with the electricity company in your city. This is because the activation of electrical energy is essential to carry out the work. Of course, here we are talking about a new property that must change.

2- Reform protection

Throughout the process, your valuables must be protected. So, using bubble wrap, cardboard, and canvas is essential. Thus, everything is in perfect condition until the end of the renovation.

3- Demolition to start the renovation

Generally, it is necessary to demolish some parts of the site. For this, the responsible professional needs to be meticulous.

Thus, the weight concentration at only one point is not indicated. Also, know that construction waste cannot be disposed of in regular trash.

4- Reconstructions

At this stage, it is time to assemble the new layout of the space. Also, it is usually the time to finish the open spans.

5- Energy and water installations

It consists of making or relocating the points of light and water in the place. It may be necessary to demolish something to place wires and plumbing. Still, the installation of air conditioning also takes place here.

6- Plaster in the renovation

Step for works that will use the plaster lining. This must be done before finishing and after allocating water and light.

That way, the scaffolding won’t spoil your floor. Also, all the wiring will be ready to receive the luminaires then.

7- Painting

It can now be done after massaging the space. However, beware. Here, it should only be the first coat. The second part needs to be done only after the renovation is complete.

8- Coatings

Finishing can now be done. However, they need to be protected during the last coat of paint. Still, at this stage, the thresholds, the stone niches in the bathroom, box, and baseboards come into play.

9- Light fixtures

Now, you can install the fixtures on the plaster ceiling or slab. Of course, that includes sockets and switches. So this part should be all working.

10- Customized items

The process should now be practically ready. So it’s time to install the furniture and other custom-made elements. Also, be aware that suppliers of these objects must take measurements on-site.

This usually happens right after the plaster is installed. Also, it is necessary to compensate for the thickness of these coatings in all the execution of these parts.

11- Furniture and appliances

The layout is finished. It’s time to clean up. Still, all the furniture will end up in the right place. In this way, you can also work on decorating the space.

So, choose paintings, vases, and whatever else catches your eye. It’s time to leave everything the way you dreamed.

Finally, this is everything you need to know about the steps of a makeover. Now it is your turn. Don’t waste any more time and invest in your space now. Go in search of something that brings you even more fulfillment.


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